The Intouchables (2012)


“That’s what I want… no pity.”

Intouchables is 2011 french film based on a true story and follows the relationship of Philipe, a paralysed millionaire and Driss, his ex-con caretaker. I honestly find it quite challenging to put into words in an effective and truthful manner the strong reaction I had to this film. I found myself laughing and I have never been in a better mood after watching a movie without feeling like it was forced feel-good film. It felt like a trailer featuring only the best parts of a film, that was feature film. I was completely enraptured, relating to the characters genuine nature and laughing to the many unexpected smart remarks. It is one of the easiest films to watch, despite the subtitles (because well, I don’t speak french) due to the cast, script and refreshing take on medical and social issues. The decision to alter Driss’ character history in order to land Omar Sy for the role was the best decision as his energy pulls the movie. It touches on many social issues through a strong story with hilarious jokes, without feeling forced and with a lot of heart. The friendship between the men feels organic and I found myself entirely enraptured by the odd couple. At the end I found myself planning the second viewing and reading up on the real characters, finding not surprisingly they are still close.


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