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An Education (2009)


“Studying is hard and boring. Teaching is hard and boring. So, what you’re telling me is to be bored, and then bored, and finally bored again, but this time for the rest of my life? This whole stupid country is bored!”

A beautiful coming of age story about a girl deadset on getting into Oxford University in 1960′s London, who’s world is thrown upside down when met by an older, cultured man. Carey Mulligan’s breakout role is absolutely fantastic, and even playing a mousy plain girl she has a quality that draws you in.  Peter Sarsgaard plays the older man with just enough charm and just enough creep to keep the dynamic interesting – this film is gripping while being almost excruciating to watch as the story plays out. I think it was absolutely brilliant, it captures the teenage angst and desire – for me it was an interesting take on how to deal with feeling unfulfilled. The way it’s shot really draws you in, the beautiful setting of rich 60’s London fascinates you but it’s the characters and story that stays with you. It’s a subtle nuanced film, and honestly explores this budding relationship in a mature and mostly charming manner. One last thing I have to say is simple – you’ll remember it and you’ll definitely remember Carey.


The Graduate (1967)


“It’s like I was playing some kind of game, but the rules don’t make any sense to me. They’re being made up by all the wrong people. I mean no one makes them up. They seem to make themselves up.”

I have to mention one of my favourite films, if not my number one favourite, and it is The Graduate. One thing that is for sure that my single favourite scene from any movie, and for me makes this movie is the final scene. The final scene just grabs me every time, and questions the entire film and is not only the perfect ending but also the perfect character insight just before the credits roll. If you’ve heard of Mrs Robinson, it’s from this film, which follows, a recent graduate who starts a relationship with his parent’s friend Mrs Robinson. Then other characters further complicate this situation and it’s really just a film of interesting dynamics between characters. What makes this film work are the quirky plot, the great cast and the easy pace. I found myself completely caught up in the easy flow of the story, and then in the final scene the movie just hits you with something you didn’t expect. At least, that’s how it happens for me every time I watch it, and the test of a good movie is if you have a strong reaction. Not only is this a quality movie, it’s a classic and again – the final scene is simple perfection.