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First Position (2011)


Documentaries should effectively draw you into a world where you otherwise have no real interest, and this is a riveting glimpse into the world of ballet. First position is a film that follows contestant for the Youth America Grand Prix, the largest ballet competition for youth worldwide. the competition offers scholarships and entry to ballet academies and companies. One of the nicest aspects of this film is the contestants it folows are extremely diverse, and each of their stories are just as compelling as the next. The passion is tangible and the unwavering dedication is admirable, it’s really a inspiring follow your dreams message.┬áDirected by Bess Kargman, this film makes it easy to connect to the story and characters like a good scripted movie. It is an effective drama as it questions to what extent passion and following your dream is the right choice, but as it is an uplifting film it mainly answers this question with yes it is the right choice. It believe it would have been a more effective portrayal if it focused more on the struggles and harsh realities of dancer’s world.