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Tiny Furniture (2010)


Poems are a very stupid thing to be good at. Poems are basically like dreams. Something everybody likes to tell other people but stuff that nobody actually cares about when its not their own.

This is a film I’ve wanted to watch for a while because I absolutely love Girls. This was Lena Dunham’s film that led to her creating Girls, and is written and directed and starring her (much like Girls.) I can’t say it was my favourite film but i have to say that Dunham has a way of making a film in a unique manner. She makes a film with all the small moments in life that are usually edited out, but she makes you realise how important and telling these moments are about us and our lives. It wasn’t the most enjoyable or riveting watch, it wasn’t visually striking but it left me extremely introspective. A good film makes you think, and this left me thinking and I really appreciate that. Dunham’s work speaks to me just because she puts situations I can relate to on film and makes me think – what art should do.

Back to the film, it follows a recent college graduate (Dunham) as she moves back home to New York following a break up. It investigates the post graduate life and how a college degree doesn’t mean life is figured out. It also features Dunham’s real life sister Grace, Laurie Simmons and Girls stars Jemima Kirke and Alex Karpovsky. Laurie Simmons is the disattached mother who brings a great uncomfortable sense to scenes and Jemima Kirke brings great hilarious on screen energy just like she does in Girls, definite highlight. In the end, it’s a unique film with a strange set of characters with the feel of real life and not simply movie magic – also, rest assured, everyone goes through a hard time.